Industrial Bakeware – Our Vision

Our Vision

Support UK Craft & Plant Bakers first and foremost, develop export markets in Europe and the rest of the world.

Costs down on product lifecycle, with real budget savings, like for like product capabilities along with the shortest lead times within the industry.

Protect the environment through our approach from design, manufacture, delivery and through to end of life recovery.


With advanced manufacturing we have an “on the fly” CAD/CAM to enable us to design, monitored manufacturing and traceability. Proven track record in delivery of NPD, product launches and replenishments which we have successfully tested our system with delivery of over 300,000 units.


Our investment in “repeat process monitoring enables us to accurately meet the requirements of both plant bakeries and automatic production lines.


Our goal is to be the leading UK manufacturer of industrial bakeware. During 2014 our investment in advanced manufacturing will continue with a roadmap of investment to meet specific requirements tailored to client requests.

Supply Chain

We have a developed, world class supply chain network, with core materials and specifications designed and manufactured to meet the industry requirements.


We manage your coating requirements to your specific requirements with industry standard coatings.

Refurbishment Program

We offer a maintenance service until end of life cycle, balancing the cost of ownership with pre planned refurbishment or replacement. This service is bespoke to each client.

Capacity for you to Join Us Today

As an established family business, we have a passion for what we do, our primary goal is to exceed customer expectations.

Join us and we will keep you updated with the latest NPD from Bakery Dynamics, we offer free consultancy and will work with you to improve your bottom line.