Introducing the 400G MINI BT400G-3S-MINI Bakery Dynamics

400G Mini Half loaf tin from bakery dynamics

Introducing the 400G MINI BT400G-3S-MINI Bakery Dynamics

What is it?

Its half an 800g tin producing a SQUARE 400G Mini Loaf 3 tins in a set which fit a standard 30×18 Bakery rack with wide runners

Dimensions : Top in 121mm Bottom Out 115mm Height 121mm material 0.8mm Alusteel

Product Code : BT400G-3S-MINI



The tins in a set of 3 produce Square 400G Mini Loaf using the lid and Open Mini

Enables the Baker to offer new speciality or existing recipes in a Mini package

Dietary- some ideas that were put forward by the test group included Low Salt, Gluten Free loaves.

Ways to personalise customers loaves you could theme your weeks menu with offers of seeded , fruit or other exotics on certain days- its all in the hands of the Craft Baker.

When sliced the Mini offers 6 Thick Slices and 8 Medium per loaf *(dependant on slicer)

High value loaves with customer indulgence appeal it’s my loaf

Small loaves provide a higher profit on margin



400g mini white half loaf unsliced

Pricing (at time of launch)

Whether you are buying one or a thousand the price for 12 months will remain the same under our single price for all policy.

Natural Finish £9.95  Natural Finish + Lid £11.95


Silicone Coated £11.95  Silicone Coated + Lid £13.95 (Ready to Bake)

Other Non Stick coatings are available

Prices exclude VAT & Carriage


400g mini set of 3 bread tins

With the Craft Baker in Mind

We firmly believe that looking after our core clients Craft Bakery Sector to be our priority with this in mind we continue to offer ;

  • partnerships and industry support
  • innovative blue sky thinking
  • high service levels focused on you, the client
  • The right product at the right price
  • Customisations on our product ranges to suit your needs.


400g mini half loaf brown topped unsliced bread

Point of Sale Material & Marketing

We will be offering free POS material to support the availability of Square Mini Open Mini to help raise awareness.

Further marketing support will be offered directly to customers.



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400G Mini Half loaf tin from bakery dynamics